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How to create your own program Download free. How to create your own program

Do you want to create your own program? Get Algorithm 2 now!

is a free tool for game and software development. With its help anybody can create a program without a knowledge of any programming language. 

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game and software development algorithm 2

    Algorithm 2 - is an environment for games and programs development by yourself. Intuitive user-friendly interface + little introductory lesson and you are ready to Create! No knowledge in programming languages needed to create applications in Algorithm - all development process based on logic that every person has. Stop losing the time and download Algorithm 2 right now for free! 

Software development


    How to create your own program? Modern objects will allow you to create your own multimedia players, browsers, text editors, it will provide you with tools for working with file-system, screen, system registry, keyboard and mouse. And it's very easy to work with all these features. You can immediately compile your program into an exe-file and publish it in internet or start selling it and making money on your own intellect.

    You can download a program for software development Algorithm 2 absolutely for free. Also you can get to know more about the program. 

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18.07.2010 : Make money!
Start earning money is unprecedented easy!Algorithm 2 is a young and dynamic program, that is...
28.06.2010 : New Algorithm 2.5!
New version of Algorithm! New documentation! New video lessons!Added: Object Internet, Network, Trial, CheckedListBox, etc..Download ...
13.12.2009 : Algorithm 2 License in exchange for video-lessons!
Special proposition! In exchange for 2-3 simple video-lesson - the license FOR FREE!Description:Every video-lesson should...
29.10.2009 : Start of the project algorithm!
Today the project Algorithm 2 was started in English!... © 2009-13. All right reserved. Partners.